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Dearshiqiao,‘New Clothing’In Tradtioanl Home Textile


Dearshiqiao,New ClothingIn Tradtioanl Home Textile


Dearshiqiao International Home Textile City is the biggest market in china ,but also the third largest in the world.Owing more than 20000 home textile company and the total trade volume exceeded 100 billion RMB.A complete industrial chain has already taken shape covering spinning, dying, printing, finished products, R&D and logistics. Due to it is more popular recently in the home textile production,so many local company are engaged in it. 


RPET fabric,also known as green recycled polyester fabric,Coke bottle green fabric,recycled polyester materials,recycling materials etc, It is new environmental friendly fabric which yarn is  comes from recycled waste cola bottles,then can be made into all kinds of fabric .Nowadays Many company has been committed to the development and weaving of renewable and environmentally friendly fabric ,and current this kind of fabric is widely used in bags,apparel,home textile,outdoor suppliers,medical,automotive interiors and other fields.

Plastic bottle buried in the ground need 450 years to decompose,and 1 kg of plastic bottles is equivalent to 0.8 liters of crude oil,1 ton plastic =saves 0.8 ton crude oil=reduce 4.2 tons carbon dioxide emissions=save 6.2 tons water.

"In the next 10 years , developed countries and companies in Europe and the United States will make renewable environmental protection a mandatory procurement requirement. The CEO of Adidas has pledged to use 100% recycled polyester by 2024. Nike, uniqlo and others have all issued statements supporting recycled fibers."


Current Dearshiqiao International Trade Co.,Ltd. have got the GRS certificate of Recycled Fabric,and owing Recycled PrintedRecycled Solid Color and Recycled Flannel related products.And it obtain lots of customer recognition in 2020 Frankfurt.

Welcome domestic and overseas visitors and purchasers to visit our market.And if everyone has any questions ,you can leave a message ,then we will give you reply on time.