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Promote the home textile industry to be an advantageous traditional industry from an international perspective



"The 2019 general meeting of Guangdong Home Textile Association and the Sino Japanese home textile industry inspection tour" was successfully concluded recently. The six-day exchange activity has made nearly 220 entrepreneurs in home textile and home furnishing industry reap a lot.

This is another event of Guangdong Home Textile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Home Textile Association") after a large-scale visit to Vietnam last year. It is also the largest non-governmental exchange activity in home textile industry between China and Japan, opening a new situation of home textile and home furnishing cooperation between China and Japan.

We should have a look at the world. This time, we organized member enterprises to Japan to feel innovative technology, learn from craftsman spirit and advanced management experience, and find new business opportunities, so as to make home textile and home furnishing industry stride forward to superior traditional industry. " Deng Yuanjin, President of Guangdong Home Textile Association, said that the association will continue to build more platforms for exchanges and cooperation to help the industrial cluster develop to a higher level.

Why did the  go? Looking beyond the circle and breaking through the tradition

On the evening of November 12, , the entrepreneurs of the exchange group flew to Tokyo, Japan. As soon as they put down their luggage, they rushed to the scene of the conference. They had a brilliant ideological exchange with the Japanese guests attending the conference on the theme of "integration and innovation, family business everlasting", and discussed the industry trend and future development path.