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Home Textile Foreign Trade Assistant “Dearshiqiao Home Textile” APP/Official AccountLaunched


Home Textile Foreign Trade Assistant

Dearshiqiao Home Textile” APP/Official AccountLaunched


     “Dearshiqiao Home Textile” APP/OfficialAccount is the international trade platform that built by the Official of ChinaDearshiqiao International Home Textile Industry Park.And Jiangsu DearshiqiaoInternational Trade Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development andmanagement.This App/Official Account is dedicated to building a resourceplatform for foreign merchants in Dearshiqiao.Through official channels andmarket operation, we strive to develop more than 10,000 overseas home textile purchaserswithin three years.Through the integration of local foreign trade factory andtrade company engaged in international trad.It supply foreign purchasers forlocal enterprises to get more orders.Providing a shared communicationplatform,then reduce the cost for local enterprises to expand into theinternational market.

Theplatform's mission:Serve global home textile purchasers and Dearqiao local hometextile products suppliers,Leading Dearshiqiao home textile to expand overseasmarket.


Atpresent, the platform is in trial operation and promotion stage, with more than7,000 visits and more than 500 registered members. Through the platform, twoforeign trade orders have been made, and the value of the platform has beenpreliminarily reflected.

 Warmlywelcome every suppliers/purchasers focus and register it,our platform willprovide below services:

1Helping purchasers find factory  

2Providingtranslation and market investigation

3Taking Foreign Trade Orders   

4ProvidingForeign Trade Agent Service

5Designing and Researching Service 

6ProvidingOverseas Purchasers Resource

7Overseas Exhibition Outsourcing Service 

8ForeignTrade Consulting Service

 Ifyou are a foreign purchasers interested in purchasing home textile,you cancontact us,we will provide TranslationMarketInvestigationGuiding FactoryDeveloping Sample and so on.

Ifyou are a supplier and want to expand overseas market,you also can contact us,we will provide Purchasers ResourceForeignTrade OrderOverseas Joint ExhibitionForeign Trade Product DevelopmentForeignTrade AgentForeign Trade Consulting and so on.

Ifyou want to expand overseas market through “Dearshiqiao Home Textile”platform,you can leave a message or contact our service person,we will reply you atonce.





          Wechat Official Account:Dearshiqiao Home extile                           


 The Android Store - DearshiqiaoHome Textile             

 The Apple Store  - China Dearshiqiao Home Textile


Address:Dearshiqiao International Trade ExhibitionHall,Floor 2,Gate 3,Building C,China Dearshiqiao Home Textile City.





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