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Recovering! Overseas Purchasers Coming To Dearshiqiao


Recovering! Overseas Purchasers Coming To Dearshiqiao


Since the beginning of the year in 2020, COVID-19 has first occurred in China and then spread around the world, severely impacting the growth of world trade. As "buy the whole world" "sell the whole world" China pile stone bridge international home textile city, but also feel the "spring cold" cool meaning.


Although affected by the epidemic, Dearshiqiao International Trade Company has always adhered to the One Belt And One Road strategic policy under the correct leadership of the Management Committee of the Dearshiqiao Home Textile Industry Park, aiming to build the international trade and production center of the company. Actively develop new channels to expand buyers, building the Public Account /APP platform of  Dearshiqiao Home Textile, participating in various Online Exhibitions, enter into Alibaba International station and increase the role of the office in Yiwu, so as to build a new bridge for attracting purchasers.

Yiwu Office actively propagandized and promoted Dearshiqiao Home textile market in the local market. Through visiting international chamber of Commerce organizations and various trading companies in Yiwu.Mohammed, a purchasers from Saudi Arabia, came to Dearshiqiao home textile City on June 10. The overseas purchaser have been buy home textile products in yiwu market and thought yiwu home textile market is the original place of products, he came to Dearshiqiao International Trade Exhibition Center.Taking with Foreign Trade Man Ji Qiang expressing his requirements that want to purchase blankets and other products After knowing about the requirements of him , then Ji  show customer to Blanket Market Area, after introducing the product and communicating as well as all the translation work, and taking customer to supplier’s factory, finally customer order RMB500000 of blankets products and other home textile products worth nearly RMB 1 Million , the whole program guide service making customer very happy, Satisfied home textile products at a suitable price, and said that in the future will always come to Dearshiqiao Home Textile City and also will introduce more friends to visit and Purchase.

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Mohammed is the first foreign trader purchaser officially serviced by Dearshiqiao International Trade Company since the outbreak of the epidemic. Believing that in the near future, after the end of the epidemic, the global economy will be recovered, then more and more overseas purchasers will come to Dearshiqiao to visit and purchase.