Haimen Industrial Park is a provincial Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, a national distribution center of home textile products, a demonstration area of private economic cluster in Jiangsu Province, and a core part of regional economy in Nantong city. The park has the largest home textile professional market in the world, with a total construction area of more than 1 million square meters. The park has more than 3000 well-known home textile enterprises of all kinds, with a national market share of more than 50%. In 2017, the online and offline trading volume of the market exceeded 100 billion yuan, ranking first in the national professional market in terms of comprehensive strength.
market procurement trade mode (Customs Code: 1039): market procurement trade mode is a new type of foreign trade mode, which refers to the trade mode that qualified operators purchase in the market cluster area recognized by the State Department of Commerce and other departments, the value of single customs declaration commodity is less than 150000 US dollars (including 150000 US dollars), and the export commodity clearance procedures are handled in the purchasing place. Since the approval of the pilot market procurement trade mode by the state, the park has successively built new platforms for foreign trade public services such as "customs supervision place, market procurement trade networking information platform, international trade service center, international freight service center", completed the "market procurement trade mode commodity identification system and negative list", and established the exit and entry management of the bridge Brigade. By the end of 2018, the export volume has reached 6 billion US dollars.

Jiangsu Dieshiqiao International Trade Co., Ltd. is an international trade platform established by Jiangsu Haimen Industrial Park around the open economy of Dieshiqiao home textile market. The registered capital of the company is 30 million yuan. Dieshiqiao home textile is "Jiangsu regional famous brand" and "China famous brand". The company is mainly engaged in all kinds of home textiles and household goods. It is a collection of R & D, production, import and export trade E, as well as other import and export agency business and foreign trade integrated services company.

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